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We work with loving and dedicated parents like you. You believed that sleep deprivation would be part of the parenthood journey but wouldn’t last past the newborn phase. The problem is that now you are going on months or even years of being exhausted and your baby or toddler is ALWAYS overtired.


Parenting Practice of Colorado gives you the confidence needed to teach your little one to sleep through the night by providing step-by-step guidance, that is age-appropriate so that your parenthood journey is actually all that you dreamed about.    


  • Are you waking up multiple times during the night to attend to your baby?

  • Does your baby only fall asleep while being fed or rocked?

  • Are naps difficult, short, or non-existent?

  • Are you over-replacing that pacifier 10 times every night?

  • Does your toddler get out of their bed to visit your room on the regular?

  • Have you tried all those tips and tricks on social media with no success?


Imagine how good it will feel when you go from an exhausted parent of a fussy baby or toddler to a well-rested mom or dad of a happy little one.


After working with Parenting Practice of Colorado, you will be able to:


  • Put your baby to bed knowing they will sleep through the night or take a long quality nap

  • Confidently know your toddler will stay in their bed and sleep until 7am each morning

  • Spend your evening with your spouse or enjoying “me time” with no interruptions

  • Free yourself from the anxieties surrounding your little one’s chronic overtiredness

  • Say goodbye to all those horrific side effects of sleep deprivation and enjoy parenthood to the fullest


You are a loving and dedicated parent who is juggling your child’s needs on top of your own, all while completing those everyday household tasks, and doing so on little to no sleep and with an overtired baby. You need to be well rested so that you can tackle your days with certainty and be the best version of yourself for you and your family. 


Parenting Practice of Colorado will take you from overwhelmed and exhausted to confident and refreshed. Your consultants, Paige and Lindsey, are certified pediatric sleep specialists with years of experience. They have worked with hundreds of parents and are committed to getting your baby and toddler sleeping well.  


  1. Questionnaire

  2. Sleep Consultation

  3. Follow-Up Support


What makes working with Parenting Practice of Colorado unlike reading a book, taking an online course, or simply trying tips and tricks offline is that you are guaranteed to see HUGE improvements with your child’s sleep. When the going gets tough, which it most likely will, Paige and Lindsey are there to troubleshoot and guide you back to the path of success. Past clients have stated that the program allowed them to “feel like I am living again”, “gave me my life back”, and “changed my life for the better”. 


Ready to get back to those uninterrupted sweet dreams?

  1. Start by completing a client intake form here 

  2. Schedule a no-obligation discovery call with Paige or Lindsey

Sleep Packages

Are you a tired parent asking yourself... 

Why won't my child sleep?

Why does bedtime take hours?

When can I lay my baby in her crib without rocking her for hours?

Why is my child grumpy and irritable all day long?

If you are asking yourself these questions you have come to the right place. Lets get your child and family sleeping through the night without leaving them to cry it out on their own. 

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