Mother and Baby

Baby 4-18 months

Ready to help your baby sleep through the night and take fantastic naps during the day? Feeling ready to move baby to their own sleep space and get your room back? Want to have a predictable bedtime routine? Then you have come to the right place.Here’s how we will do that and more!

Program Details 

  • Detailed questionnaire: You know your child best, help me get to know them. This extensive questionnaire will help me get to know your child and their daily life. 

  • Customized sleep plan: I will take the detailed questionnaire and make you a customized sleep plan. This is where you will learn how to handle bedtime, nighttime wake ups, naps and more!  

  • 60 min consultation: We will meet to go over your custom sleep plan and do a bedroom check to make sure the room environment is set up for safe sleep. 

  • Two weeks of support: We will meet for 4 scheduled phone calls to keep your child on track and answer any questions you may have. You get unlimited email as well! 

  • Digital sleep log: This is how we keep track and make sure your child is successful! 

  • Resource guide: The guide will help you prepare for travel and daylight savings. When your child graduates you will get my resources guide to carry you through the next sleep transitions as well as common questions!