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 Sleep Farm Group 

​Here at Parenting Practice we value starting every newborn off with healthy sleep habits. Starting from your infants first week at home will eliminate the need to sleep train later. 

  • Are you googling a hundreds of questions a night?

  • Are you confused about infant sleep needs?

  • Does your baby struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep for more than 20 min?

  • Are you looking for a community?

Program Details

  • Detailed questionnaire: Mama’s know their babies best! Help me learn all about your baby with this extensive questionnaire. 

  • 90 min consultation: We will take a deep dive into the sleep farm and I will teach you everything you need to know to support and succeed with your baby. We will also do a nursery check to make sure everything is set up for safe and healthy sleep.

  • Sleep Farm Guide: Here’s the magic sleep plan I created just for your baby. 

  • Follow up support: 12 weeks group zoom calls & unlimited email.


Total investment: $499

Additional Support

One on One coaching

  • 12 weeks of support 

  • 90 min consultation on sleep farm 

  • Unlimited email 

Total investment: $749

Mini Sleep Farm

  • Follow the sleep farm at your own pace

  • 90 min consultation on sleep farm 

  • unlimited email

Total investment: $249

Quality sleep from day one!

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