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Paige LeGault

I’ve worked with over 60 families in 10 years, helping make time for date nights, ease the stress during vacations and going all in, dedicating over 50 hours a week at home with large families as a full-time nanny.

My caregiving journey started as soon as I could care for children, and I regularly babysat with my mom at home when I was 10 years old. I quickly grew to help other parents, and draw from my professional experience as a Montessori classroom assistant to enrich children’s lives.


I grew my passion for caregiving and early childhood education working with teachers and staff at two Boulder County Montessori schools over 4 years. This experience gave me the skills to support each child as an individual, and provide an environment that honors their independence and own pace of learning.


I combine these skills with over 10 years of experience, and a pediatric sleep certification to provide in-home care to help families struggling to thrive in their day-to-day lives.

Megan Howe

I have enjoyed teaching for over 8 years, and currently lead up to 20 children in the two-year-old classroom. I started my career busing preschoolers to and from school, and have provided in-home care for over 10 families.

I’m an early childhood educator driven by the belief that a child’s earliest years are their most important. Their earliest influencers are some of their most impactful, even if children are too young to remember them, and a peaceful and productive family are the key to a child’s early and later success.


I have worked with kids as young as infants and as old as 12 years. I enjoy working with two-year-olds the most: each day is a new opportunity to teach my little people how to be kind and gentle, consider others feelings, be accepting of others, and care for themselves.


I lay the base for reading, writing, math and science skills and I rejoice each day when my students exceed my expectations in learning everything I am trying to teach them.


How we can help

We have proven techniques to help you at any moment in your journey. And we can create a plan to fit your needs with additional services that include texting support, or in-person bedtime, half night, full night support.

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Due soon? Are you questioning everything from nursery set up to how to get a good nights sleep for yourself? We have a kit for you!

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Congratulations! We can set you up for success from the moment you bring your little one home.

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We provide custom sleep plans for your little ones struggling to sleep in their cribs!

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Do you have a toddler who gets up 6x a night or you’re ready to transition from a crib to toddler bed? Schedule a call with me and I can help!


Does your elementary kiddo still struggle getting consolidated sleep? Schedule a call today to help them get their restful nights back!

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Have multiple children that need help sleeping? No problem.


We use proven techniques from the Sleep Sense program, which has helped over 109,000 families since 2003.

Paige helped us tremendously with getting our 2 year old both night weaned, and moved into a new bed in his older brothers room. We were struggling to find the best way to do this, but Paige offered a lot of guidance and a very straightforward routine to follow. Without this, we probably would have made things more difficult than they needed to be. We’re grateful for her help and are looking forward to more restful nights to come! 

Alexa and Nikolai KempCatala