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the 18 Month Sleep Regression: 5 Tips for Sleep Harmony

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Just when you thought you had your toddler's sleep routine figured out, the 18 Month Sleep Regression swoops in unannounced. Your once beautifully sleeping toddler is now up for hours at night, serenading you with their own unique playlist of midnight melodies. 🌙🎶

Sound familiar? Don't fret! We've got you covered with five essential tips to help you navigate this phase and restore sleep harmony to your household. 💤

1. Reinforce Your Expectations

During the 18 Month Sleep Regression, it's crucial to stay consistent with your sleep expectations. Remind your toddler of their bedtime routine and gently reinforce the rules. This consistency can provide a sense of security, even during this disruptive phase.

2. Don't Make Changes to Your Routine

While it may be tempting to alter your toddler's sleep routine to combat the regression, resist the urge. Stick to your established schedule as closely as possible. Maintaining a familiar routine can help reassure your child that bedtime remains a consistent and safe time.

3. Give Your Toddler Space

Sometimes, toddlers wake up during this regression because of increased awareness or vivid dreams. If they're not distressed, consider allowing them a bit of independence. Provide comfort from a distance, but give them space to self-soothe if needed.

4. Don't Offer Additional Support

It might seem counterintuitive, but offering extra support during night wakings can inadvertently reinforce the behavior. Instead, provide reassurance without picking them up or introducing new sleep crutches. Encourage them to settle back to sleep independently.

5. Enjoy the Songs from Afar!

Yes, those midnight serenades might seem like a nuisance, but try to find some charm in the situation. Your toddler's newfound vocal talents can be endearing, even if they disrupt your sleep temporarily. Remember, this phase will pass.

Bonus Tip: Book a FREE Call with Us

If you find yourself struggling with the 18 Month Sleep Regression despite your best efforts, don't hesitate to seek support. We're here to help you and your toddler navigate this challenging time. Click this link to book a FREE call with us, and let's work together to restore peaceful nights and rejuvenated mornings.

Remember, the 18 Month Sleep Regression is just a phase in your child's sleep journey. With patience and consistency, you'll soon be back to enjoying peaceful slumbers and harmonious nights. 💫💤 #SleepRegressionTips #ToddlerSleep #ParentingWisdom #SleepSolutions #SleepHarmony



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