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Hello I'm

My name is Paige LeGault, co owner and founder of Parenting Practice of Colorado and certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist, proudly trained through Sleep Sense. My extensive background in early childhood education as well as my history working with a wide variety of all types of families over the past 16 years allows me the confidence and ability to help each family and their unique circumstance. I am dedicated to supporting parents as they assist their babies and children in learning healthy sleep habits, which will set them up for a lifetime of healthy sleep. 

Hello I'm

Hi Im Lindsey, I am an educator by trade. I worked as a Learning and Development consultant for many Fortune 100 companies prior to becoming a sleep specialist. Prior to the birth of my daughter I took a great interest in sleep education. Following Riley’s birth, I started implementing healthy sleep habits and by 8-weeks Riley was sleeping through the night. Since that time, I have benefited greatly from having a well-rested family. It impacted my experience as a mom so positively that’s I decided on a whim to help other parents too. 


Our mission is to help families preserve a healthy attachment between parents and caregivers and their babies, and to get everyone more sleep! Our main goal is to do this while supporting a little one’s development of independent sleep skills, which are gentle and parent-lead without leaving baby to cry it out!

How would your life look like after working with Parenting Practice of Colorado?


  • Put your baby to bed knowing they will sleep through the night or take a long quality nap

  • Confidently know your toddler will stay in their bed and sleep until 7am each morning

  • Spend your evening with your spouse or enjoying “me time” with no interruptions

  • Free yourself from the anxieties surrounding your little one’s chronic overtiredness

  • Say goodbye to all those horrific side effects of sleep deprivation and enjoy parenthood to the fullest


Schedule a no-obligation discovery call with Paige or Lindsey today!

I enjoyed being a recent guest on the @liveblissedout podcast, a variety show focusing on achieving BLISS through AWARENESS & ACTION. 

Check it out here

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