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Say goodbye to those early wake-up calls and unlock the secrets to restoring peaceful mornings for you and your child. This invaluable resource offers expert insights and practical strategies to address and resolve early morning wakings.


Key Features:

Understanding Early Morning Wakings:

  • Learn what constitutes an early morning waking and gain clarity on why it may be happening to your child.

Ideal Schedules for Different Ages:

  • Discover recommended sleep schedules tailored to children aged 3 months to 4 years, ensuring a well-rested start to the day.

Checklists for Identifying Causes:

  • Access a comprehensive checklist to help you identify potential factors contributing to early morning wakings.

  • Uncover hidden culprits and address underlying issues to promote consistent and extended sleep.

Pointers to Extend Mornings:

  • Receive expert guidance on strategies to gradually extend your child's wake-up time to after 6am.

  • Learn proven techniques to establish healthy sleep habits and reinforce a more desirable morning routine.

Early Morning Waking Guide

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